Get Your Vehicle In Shape For Summer Only $49.95!This service includes:
*Lube Oil & Filter Service (Up to 5 qts conventional oil & standard filter)
Rotate Tires and Inspect Tires & Brakes
*Inspect Battery, Starting & Charging System
*Inspect Belts & Hoses
*Check Heater / AC for proper operation
*Check Lights and Wiper Blades
* 27 Point Peace of Mind Vehicle Inspection
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$50 OFF Any A/C System
Service or Repair!
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Transmission Diagnosis & Inspection
Free transmission diagnosis & inspection!
We are experts in all transmission, foreign & domestic.
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Auto Repair in West LA, CA

Auto Repair in West LA | Westside Transmission & Automotive Inc.

4. Getting your oil changed helps to reduce harmful emissions to the environment. Fresh oil is much less likely to burn and cause noxious fumes to be emitted into the air. If you own an older vehicle, getting the oil changed before visiting the emissions and registration office can be important in order to successfully pass the test.

5. Most common causes of engine breakdown and failure revolve around the improper lubrication of internal parts. By obtaining frequent oil changes you can significantly extend the life of your engine. Most mechanics will tell you that your oil needs to be changed every 3000 miles, however with today's more advanced technology getting a change every 5000 miles in most cases will suffice.

West LA Tune Up

Many top mechanics rate the tune up just below the oil change in terms of importance for extending the life and performance of your vehicle. Fortunately, it is a maintenance item that needs to be fulfilled much less frequently than an oil change. While there isn't necessarily a mileage recommendation when it comes to a tune up, it's thought that one could go anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 miles between each tune up service.

  • The following are some of the important things that a tune up addresses:
  • Spark plug cleaning or replacing
  • Air filter replacement
  • Replacing faulty spark plug wires / ignition coils
  • Inspecting and possibly replacing distributor caps and rotors
  • Replacing faulty hoses and belts
  • Inspecting the oxygen sensor

If your vehicle is in need of any general maintenance and repair, come to Westside Transmission & Automotive Inc. Your home for West LA auto repair!