Westside Transmission was great! They worked with me to fit my repairs within my budget. They actually gave me a fairly big discount on rebuilding my transmission. Someone recommended them, so I looked them up online and decided to go in. They were done and called me two days earlier than they thought they would. It's not the cheapest place in town, but I thought it was overall worth it. They were really nice.


They're really awesome! I really like them. They helped me rebuild my transmission. They're super honest. They let me know exactly what I needed. They went above and beyond. They found some things while they were doing the work and fixed it without charging me for it. They honored what they said for the estimate. Hopefully I won't have to, I would use them again if I needed to. They are honest, trustworthy, and stand by their work.


Westside Transmission treated me really well. They were really quick, they told me what day to expect my car and they actually finished early. You can tell they are not trying to get more money out of you and I felt they were trying to help me out.


THE ABSOLUTE BEST MECHANIC I'VE EVER BEEN TO..they are so honest and friendly and are not trying to just get a dollar out of you. I will always recommend them to anyone who's getting their car fixed in LA. It was actually an enjoyable experience going there (which sounds weird, but is 100% true).


I highly recommend Westside Transmission for bumper to bumper service. I took my car, a 2004 VW Jetta, into the dealership because of a service indicator light to be diagnosed. The dealer suggested I replace the valve body which translates to the "brain" of the transmission and quoted $2085 for its replacement or over $5000 for a new transmission as they do not rebuild them. I found WT through AAA and decided to get a quote regarding this repair. I am so happy I did because, not only did the valve body need replacing but my transmission needed to be rebuilt as well. I received a fair price and a 24k warranty on the work that has been done. Not to mention great service and Brian fully explained what was going on with my car. I am not saying that I didn't pay a pretty penny but I do feel like the price for service and repair was fair. I will be going here for all other service needs. Although, I will never buy another VW as I have had several issues with my Jetta even though I take extremely good care of it.


For a while now, my Nissan Maxima 2006 (100K miles) has had transmission problems - knocking, jerking, out-of-control revving, etc. I tried other remedies, which helped a little but only for a few months. When my engine light went on, I knew doomsday had arrived. Firestone did a scan and told me that it was the transmission, but they don't work on transmissions. They sent me down the street to a shop. At the shop I first went to, the guy told me within 10 minutes that my transmission was shot and I needed to rebuild it, and he gave me a quote. I started calling around to get a better quote. I did end up getting other quotes, most similar, and one was even $700 cheaper. All of this happened on a Saturday. I also called Westside Transmission. Bryan picked up and started talking to me. First , he told me that they weren't open on Saturdays but he was happy to talk to me. I was stunned that he took about twenty minutes to talk to me on his day off of work. He explained I needed a better diagnosis than what the other shop did, because they only took 10 minutes, did a scan, and immediately told me I needed to rebuild the whole transmission. He told me if I take it to Westside Transmission, they will do a thorough scan/inspection and let me know what the problem was. In the end, the transmission did need rebuilding. On Monday I took it to them early in the morning. The shop is very clean. I met Jack and Bryan. Jack is the owner, and they were both exceptionally friendly and welcoming. They took my car and gave me a quote. Ultimately, the rebuilt transmission service was reasonably priced, and I feel like the quality is better than if I had gone somewhere else. Also I got a discount at the rental car place next door. Even though I could have gone with one super cheap quote I had, I chose Westside Transmission instead for a few reasons. They give a 2 year warranty on parts and labor, which really says something and gives me peace of mind. They stand behind their work. Also, I just had a good feeling about them, that instead of cutting corners and doing a bad job, they would really do a good job and leave my car better than before. Sure, I could have gotten the job done "cheaper," but I think in the long term I would have regretted it because it would not have been the quality that it deserved to have and I feel like I'd still have problems. From reading about Westside Transmission online and from my own experience, I have the feeling that they do a really high quality job. Instead of just shoving worn parts back into my transmission, I believe they try to make sure that their product lasts and works. They told me the repairs would take 2-3 days, and that's exactly how long it took. I had my car exactly when they said I would. During the process, they also alerted me that my transmission mount was broken and that my rear wheel bearings were completely worn out and created a dangerous situation. They didn't try to force me to buy anything but explained everything patiently. In the end, I had them fix all of that as well. In the midst of the process, Jack, the owner, took me for a drive in my car and pointed out to me the different noises the car was making and explained in very clear terms what problems the car had and what needed to be done. He struck me as one of the friendliest mechanics I have known, because he really didn't need to take the time to do all of that. He also lifted the car up for me and showed me exactly what was wrong so I could see. He never made me feel like I was annoying him or wasting his time. I never felt cheated. My car had been really screwed up, but in the end, they fixed everything. I would have spent a similar amount elsewhere, but I have a feeling I would not have gotten quality work as I did here. They also were able to spot things and tell me things about my car that other mechanics missed. Throughout the process, Bryan and Jack were very nice and welcoming. I didn't ever feel like I was bothering them or in their way, and I felt a quality of trust. Many times, dealing with auto repair shops is like a strange game of mental and emotional chess, like a weird battle for dominance. Here, I felt that there was more trust and a desire to help. Right now, my Maxima is running like a dream.If I had gone somewhere else, it might have been a nightmare. The car now has very smooth shifting, it actually surprises me because I used to practically expect the car to jerk and explode. But now, it's smoother and quieter than ever in the three years I've owned the car. Like a new jet or something. I will be taking my car to Westside Transmission for regular services from now on as well, since I found out they do everything from oil changes to transmissions and more. Exceptional A+ experience at this place. Highly Recommend.


Had a check on transmission and they did a free diagnoses and helped answer a few questions! Thanks


While driving home from Westwood late one evening, our car started making strange noises. AAA towed our car to Westside Transmission because it was the closest repair station. We dropped the keys to the car along with a note through the slot in the door. When we called the following morning, we spoke with Kirk. He told us they checked the car, and the transmission had blown. Thankfully, our car was still under warranty. Since our car needed to be repaired at a dealership, we had to have our car towed to one. Kirk made sure everything went smoothly and did not even charge us for the diagnostic test. Thank you, Kirk.


It was a hassle free experience. They promised a certain price, I had the car fixed, and they kept to that promise. They did the job as fast as they could and kept me updated with the status of the car.


I worked with Kirk. He was was very charming on the phone and very focused on solving my problem. He told me he worked at Mercedes for ten years, and it made me feel comfortable to have experienced people working on my Mercedes. They helped me get a rental while they worked on my car. The rental place is about a block from their facility, which was convenient. I liked Westside Transmission's slogan, "A customer once, a customer for life". I think it might apply to me. I'm considering making them my permanent mechanic. I liked them a lot.