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Road Trip Games for Your Children

Road trips with your kids don't have to be stressful and fueled with a case of the dreaded, "Are we there yets?" There are many opportunities to make time in the automobile fun for both parents and children. Here are some games that the whole family can enjoy the next time you're on the road. Twenty Questions: Children who are 4 years old and older will love this classic game. One person in the car secretly comes up with a vegetable, animal, or mineral. Everyone else then takes turns asking yes-or-no questions, such as "Is it furry?" or "Does it grow on trees?" After everyone in the game has asked 20 questions, each person makes a guess. The Alphabet Game: This is a fun game for kids 5 and older. One person picks the left-hand side of the road, and another person chooses the left. Every person in the car looks for letters of the alphabet that are seen on license plates and signs. The goal of the Alphabet Game is to point out all the letters of th ... read more