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Welcome Audi Owners!

Driving an automobile in Los Angeles, is not just about getting around. It’s about getting around in style and comfort. And no car does it any better than the German engineered Audi. The Audi 4 features a well-appointed cabin, responsive handling and available Quattro all-wheel drive. With its European styling, comfortable ride and higher performance, it’s a great ride for any road trip.

The A6 sharpens the Audi image with a redesigned front bumper, bold looking grille and front and rear lighting. Yet it manages a perfect balance of a comfortable ride, precise handling and impressive power.

However, as Audi's A4 and A6 models age, problems sometime develop with their transmissions. The most common one is an issue with the transmission's torque converter. The cause is generally traced to a faulty design: two rubber seals inside the torque converter of questionable quality. They seal the hydraulic pressure that allows the torque converter clutch to engage and hold. And the material breaks down over time due to the tremendous heat and pressure that occurs inside of the torque converter.

Of course there can be other failures as well. The same is true of the CVT (continuously variable transmission) that is growing in popularity among automakers. The ability of the CVT to shift seamlessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values sharply contrasts your typical transmission that is limited to a few distinct gear ratios. No one other than the dealer can work on this, except us.

If you’re experiencing transmission problems in any Audi vehicle, you should only trust it with experienced specialists. You might be interested in knowing that both VW and Porches also use the same tranny as Audi. We understand and work on all these import automobiles.

Of course we work on all makes and models of cars—import and domestic. We do so with expert skill and yet we can still save you money. The usual dealer price for a new transmission is about $7,900. Our cost for transmission repair is around half of that. So when you need expert transmission care for your car, call Westside Transmission & Automotive Inc..