Car Care Tips

We believe that part of our job is helping our clients make the right decision when it comes to their cars. By adding new articles to our site and keeping you informed, we hope we can save you the hassle, time, and money that come with car problems.

General Articles

  1. What Should I Do to Make Sure My Mechanic is Honest?

    While you can get competent repairs from almost any honest repair shop, you should always take your car to a specialist, if possible. A transmission specialist knows the ins and outs of how to rebuild your transmission…>> Read more

  2. Should I Get a New Car or Rebuild My Transmission?

    See what your technician thinks about the potential longevity of your vehicle. If they’re honest, they may end up saving you thousands on a new vehicle or, conversely, the hassle of dealing with constant breakdowns on your old one… >> Read more

  3. How Can I Tell if an Auto Shop is Honest?

    Dishonest auto shops tend to overcharge their clients, so there will often be abandoned vehicles in the parking lot…>> Read more

  4. How Do Transmissions Work?

    A transmission works like the gears on a bike. By adjusting the ratio between gears, you can achieve different speeds without the engine having to work as hard… >> Read more

  5. Should I Get an Automatic or a Manual?

    When deciding on what type of transmission to get, the most important thing to figure out is what your needs are. Will you be driving in the city or taking long road trips? Are you experienced with manual transmissions? Do you want to do your own repairs?… >> Read more

Transmission Problems on Common Car Brands

  1. Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair

    Mercedes has always led the field with its transmissions, especially its automatic transmission, which provides smooth shifting without sacrificing power. In 1978, Mercedes-Benz introduced a vacuum-controlled automatic transmission, which was standard on diesel-engine models...>> Read more

  2. Audi Transmission Repair

    One of the things that sets Audi apart is that they now offer several different transmission options with their new models. On the new Audi A4 for instance, you can choose a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission, or a 5-speed automatic...>> Read more

  3. BMW Transmission Repair

    BMW enthusiasts agree, there's a certain feel to driving what is rightly called "the ultimate driving machine". While BMW’s generally have reliable transmissions , they do require proper care...>> Read more

  4. Jaguar Transmission Repair

    Many people boast that the Jaguar transmission is “bullet-proof.” It’s true that the Jaguar’s transmission is made for high-performance driving. However, Jaguar transmissions do occasionally go out before they should...>> Read more

  5. Porsche Transmission Repair

    Many say that Porsche is the master of transmission design. The 5th gear allows for highway cruising, while the close ratio gears make it a truly high-performance vehicle...>> Read more

  6. Dodge Transmission Repair

    Typical problems with Dodge transmissions are a bump down in deceleration, and a shift shudder between second and third gear. Another of one of the most common problems with Dodge transmissions is overheating...>> Read more

  7. Ford Transmission Repair

    Every Los Angeles Ford owner knows that it is important to have a dependable car. Ford builds quality automobiles, and builds them to last. On the streets of Los Angeles, with their busy stop and go traffic, it is also important to have a dependable transmission...>> Read more

How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Gas prices are at record highs. People are asking, “what can I do to get better gas mileage when I drive?” Read More.

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Safety Tips

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