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Distracted Driving from Unrestrained Pets

With summer upon us, many of us are embarking on summer road trips and many of us will be taking along man’s best friend. Driving while being distracted by your pet is a very real threat to public safety, 30 % of people have admitted to being distracted by their pets while driving. In my personal experience, my mother and I were on vacation in Cambria, CA in 2005, while I was home from school for Christmas vacation. We were crossing the street at a corner in a crosswalk when a woman driving with a dog in her lap very nearly ran us over. It was one of the scariest experiences I have ever had in my life, my mom and I still talk about it. I personally didn’t even get my drivers license until I was in my mid to late '20s, but since adopting my dog nearly 6 years ago and purchasing my first vehicle this experience has stuck with me. While doing research for this blog I have found that 90% of pet owners admit to driving in their vehicle with their pet and that 98% of those pe ... read more