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BMW Transmission Repair and Service in Los Angeles

BMW enthusiasts agree, there's a certain feel to driving what is rightly called "the ultimate driving machine". While BMW’s generally have reliable transmissions , they do require proper care. Many problems can be prevented by having your car maintained by a trusted technician.

However, even a well maintained, garage-kept BMW can start “acting up” over time. Transmission slippage, engagement problems and hesitation can sometimes be traced back to a clogged transmission filter. To keep your automatic transmission running smoothly it is advised that you change the filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Change, or have a mechanic change all of the fluids regularly. Remember even though many BMW’s have what’s called “lifetime fluid” you still must maintain your fluids and filters regularly! Neglecting to do so is one of the top reasons for automatic transmission problems in BMWs.

Many of the transmission cooling lines in BMWs are very vulnerable and break easily. This can cause the car to “lurch” as it switches gears. If you notice this problem, check your transmission fluid. If a leak persists, you should bring your BMW to a transmission expert in order to prevent extreme damage. Certain 633’s may thud after reaching the highest gear, and drop back down several gears. This can indicate gearbox or transmission mount problems and should be looked at right away.

In rare cases BMWs have been built with incorrectly manufactured automatic transmissions. Some X5's have been recalled because they have a problem with the brake pedal shaft. This could make the pedal feel loose and the brakes stop working. The parking lock system in some vehicles would not engage when the transmission was put into park. Recently it was found that the MINI and MINI Cooper models have a problem with a cable connecting the gearshift to the gearbox. This could cause the car to get stuck in gear.

BMW is known for making cars that are as luxurious as they are dependable. Whichever model you own, with proper care, you should expect a long life from your vehicle.

When you're looking for the quality care for your BMW's transmission call Westside Transmission & Automotive Inc. We undersell dealer prices on transmission repair.