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Dodge Transmission Repair & Rebuild

Dodge is one of the most popular auto manufacturers in America. They build all-purpose, reliable automobiles. But even Dodges have problems. If your Dodge is having difficulty, it might be a transmission that needs to be rebuilt or repaired.

Dodge Neon, the new SRT4, Stratus, the new Magnum, as well as older models such as the Intrepid, and the Stealth all use the standard Dodge 4-speed automatic transmission.

Typical problems with Dodge transmissions are a bump down in deceleration, and a shift shudder between second and third gear. Another of one of the most common problems with Dodge transmissions is overheating. The transmission fluid can overheat, which causes the transmission to stop shifting properly.

Many of the problems that might need service aren’t necessarily the result of a broken transmission. There might be a problem with the transmission fluid, or the solenoid pack. A computer flaw could be the cause of your transmission problems, requiring some new programming, or even some new hardware. Some transmission repairs can be as simple as installing a new filter, or tightening the electrical connections.

Other problems might be the result of a broken transmission, and will need more service from the technician at your transmission shop. Typical mechanical problems include valve problems, or problems with valve pressure. To fix the broken transmission, the technician might have to do nothing more difficult than make an adjustment, but sometimes the problem requires more extensive mechanical repair.

Dodge’s trucks and SUV’s, the Durango, the Dakota and the Ram, all use a different heavy-duty transmission, and have a separate set of problems. The most common transmission problems have to do with towing, snowplowing, or other heavy-duty work.

These problems can usually be traced to the solenoid pack, or the transmission fluid. If Los Angeles Dodge owners are having problems with their transmission they are encouraged to bring their car to a transmission shop that can repair the broken transmission.