How Can I Tell If An Auto Shop Is Honest?

While there’s no cut and dry way to tell if an auto repair shop is going to be honest, there are some general guidelines that can help you make your assessment:

First of all, an auto repair shop recommended by friends and family – especially shops that they’ve been using for years – should garner serious consideration. If you know that a team of technicians is good enough to hold their customers for years, they’re probably not in the rip-off game. Dishonest mechanics or mechanics out to make a quick buck will usually charge high rates for their work and leave people feeling cheated. No one wants to go back to those shops and so they’ll hunt around. Sooner or later, the dishonesty will show up in the work the vehicle repair shop does. Cars will break down, parts will break. Clients won’t go back.

Second, since dishonest auto shops tend to overcharge their clients, there will often be abandoned vehicles in the parking lot. Suppose someone goes to have such a shop rebuild their transmission. While they know it’s going to cost a lot for a rebuilt transmission, such a shop might throw out a lowball estimate to win their business. (Beware of shops that give estimates over the phone without careful analysis of your vehicle.) Then the shop will charge their client two times the estimate because they are in a vulnerable position. It’s a terrible feeling. We’ve heard horror stories too. So rather than shell out a couple thousand bucks for a new transmission, that person might decide it’s better to buy a new car and leave their old one at the rip-off shop. And you can’t blame them.

Third, it’s important to know how long a warranty your auto shop will offer for its repair work. For instance, the standard warranty for a rebuilt transmission is twelve months. Any less is below industry standards. However, a transmission shop that trusts its transmission repair services might choose to offer even longer warranties. It’s a good way to know that the shop is ready to go the extra mile for your business.

Fourth, you can check with your local Better Business Bureau for a list of trustworthy auto repair shops in Los Angeles. To help weed out dishonest shops, an independent organization known as ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifies technicians according to rigorous standards. Ask your technician if they are ASE certified to ensure you are receiving optimal repair service. You can read our service page for more information.

While quality auto repair services may cost more, they will save you time, stress, and worry. Find a shop you trust and can build a lifelong relationship with. You’ll be happy you did.