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Jaguar Transmissions

Many people boast that the Jaguar transmission is “bullet-proof.” It’s true that the Jaguar’s transmission is made for high-performance driving. However, Jaguar transmissions do occasionally go out before they should. When they do it is because of: lack of maintenance, rough driving or factory error.

First and foremost, pay attention to changes in the sounds your car makes and changes in the way it shifts. If your car is jerking, hissing, roaring or revving and not shifting, this may mean your transmission is in trouble.

If you have all the routine maintenance done it will be much easier to accurately diagnose a problem when it occurs. Changing the transmission fluid on time is the cheapest insurance you can buy for your transmission next to driving it gently. It is recommended that you change your transmission fluid on your Jaguar every 12,000 miles if it’s a stick and every 25,000 miles if it is an automatic. Also, flush the coolant system and replace it with fresh antifreeze every 25,000 miles .

It is very important that you bring your Jaguar to respected technicians who understands and is familiar with your model. Jaguar transmissions vary from model to model: early XJ6 and XJ12 used Borg Warner automatic transmissions, V12 cars used GM transmissions, while the XJ8 and XK8 used the ZF transmission and the XJR and XK8-R uses Mercedes transmissions. Transmissions have continued to change to this day. Your technician must be professional and remain up to date on these changes.

Certain XK-Series and S-Type Jaguars with automatic transmissions can jump into reverse unexpectedly, even when driving forward. S-Types may also be prone to worn bands and clutches, based on the type of transmission used. With certain XJ’s the car may rev and then have the power fail altogether, indicating a potential gearbox problem. Several sedans were made with a parking pawl guide plate that doesn’t actually engage the car in park, although it appears to be in park. This can cause serious problems for Sedan owners.

Whether you have a 2000 S-Type, a 1998 Vanden Plas, a 1998 XJR or any other model of Jaguar, the experience, knowledgeable transmission repair technicians at Westside Transmission & Automotive Inc. can offer solid solutions and helpful advice. You can rest assured that we will treat your Jaguar with the highest level of care and expertise.