3 Common Vehicle Steering Problems


If you're having issues steering your car, it is most likely tied to your car's power steering system. The steering wheel may feel stiff, hard to turn, or even sticky. To uncover what that could mean, let's take a look at three popular power steering issues in vehicles.

Low Power Steering Fluid

Low power steering fluid is one of the most popular problems for hydraulic power steering systems. Over time, your car will need a power steering fluid change to ensure all its components run smoothly. During this service, your technician will also check for signs of leaks. If this fluid is dirty or low, your steering will be compromised and be slow. You may also catch random squeaks when turning the car. First, you should check underneath your vehicle for any leaks. Otherwise, a professional mechanic can look at the inner workings of your power steering system and identify a leak if there is one present.

Faulty Steering Rack Mount

Most cars today use a "rack-and-pinion" steering design. Rack mounting bushings are connected to the steering wheel and shift side-to-side to absorb the impacts of the suspension components. The steering rack is susceptible to wear out over time. You may notice jerking, clunking sounds, and overall inconsistent steering as a result. Please seek professional help as you likely need to replace the bushings and get other necessary repairs. 

Damaged Power Steering Belt

A pulley turns the power steering belt on the crankshaft, and this part is in charge of powering the pump. If this belt wears out, your steering may be challenging to handle. And your vehicle may also experience jerking. Occasionally, the belt can be repaired by a mechanic. However, this problem usually requires a complete replacement.


If you think your vehicle has one of these steering problems above, feel free to stop by our auto repair shop for a power steering inspection. The Westside Transmission team will get you the repairs you need so that you can safely steer back on the road again.