Auto Repairs You Should Never Skip

There are so many components to a car and the regular maintenance all of them might seem overwhelming. Cars are built to last but some car repairs should never be ignored. If you can keep up with some important maintenance, your car is sure to operate reliably and safely for many years to come. Here are 5 car repairs that you should never skip:

Oil is referred to the lifeblood of your vehicle's engine and is what keeps your car engine parts working and rotating correctly. Over time, exhaust gases from the cylinders will contaminate the oil and its effectiveness will be reduced. Oil is also broken down by the heat of the engine. Many current cars can go 5,000 or even 10,000 miles between oil changes. Consult your owner's manual to see how often your automobile's oil needs to be changed.

Air Filter
When you have a clogged air filter with dirt and dust, it can reduce your horsepower, gas mileage, and even cause your engine to stall. The conditions in the atmosphere and how many miles you drive per year affects how often you will need to change your air filter.If your car’s engine isn’t functioning optimally, those fumes can contaminate the air filter as well.

Brake Pads
How often should you change your brake pads? This depends on the type of roads you drive upon, your driving style, the weight of your automobile, and the quality of the brake pads. If you tailgate, brake hard at stoplights, and drive aggressively, chances are you’re wearing out those brake pads!  When the pads wear down, a light will display on your dashboard. Most brake pads come with an indicator with a metal tab. As the brakes wear, the tab gets closer to the rotor and makes screeching and scraping sounds. When you hear those sounds, it’s time for new brake pads!

Like brake pads, tires have built-in wear indicators. There are tiny little ridges between the tread. When the tread becomes even with these ridges, it’s time for new tires. Check your tires monthly for wear and damage by running your hand over the inner and outer edges of the tread, especially on the inner and outer edges. If you feel wires or uneven ridges, have a reputable auto mechanics check your tires.

Replace your windshield wiper
So many drivers ignore their windshield wipers, which is unfortunate because they play a big role in your safety on the roads. Clear visibility is crucial while you drive. Waiting until you can barely see through the windshield to get new wipers is putting yourself and your passengers at risk. While you’re at it, clean that windshield on the outside and the inside as the interior of the window is often neglected.

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