With fall upon us and winter right around the corner you may have turned on your car’s heater for the first time already. It’s not uncommon for car owners to get in their car on the first cool morning to find their car heater blowing out cold air. Let’s look at some common reasons car heaters fail to put out warm air.

Minor Problems

Some car heater problems can be relatively minor, impacting only the heating system of the car. Things like a malfunctioning fan can be more easily repaired and can fix your heat problem without a major impact on the vehicle. Smaller repairs like this can be done quickly and at a lower cost than other problems that may cause your heat to stop working.

Serious Problems

The heating system in your car is complicated because it isn’t like a space heater or home heater. The car heater works in conjunction with other car systems, sometimes a heater problem can be a sign of a larger engine problem. In some cases, the problem could be a lack of antifreeze or a low water level in the radiator from a leak. In other cases, a thermostat in the engine may be malfunctioning. In both cases, the problem needs to be resolved quickly to prevent damage to the engine.


In many cases, these car heating problems can be prevented with routine maintenance on your vehicle. Things like leaking coolant or water can be detected before they cause a major issue. Routine maintenance can detect issues with thermometers and fans before they impact the functionality of your engine. Keeping up with routine maintenance on your car is essential in prolonging the life of the car.

If you’ve recently noticed your car’s heating system isn’t really putting out much heat, don’t hesitate to bring your car in for service. The heating system is intertwined with the function of the engine, waiting could cause major issues in the future. Heating problems can signal serious problems within the engine, so having it checked out sooner rather than later is a must. At Westside Transmission & Automotive our goal is to keep you on the road safe and comfortable. If your car has a heater that is not working call us today.