Thanksgiving Travel in the Car? How to Keep the Kids Occupied

With Thanksgiving approaching, many of our clients take road trips with the whole family. When there are kids involved, it’s always wise to decide beforehand what could keep your child from becoming bored and antsy. The team at Westside Transmission & Automotive has a list of ways to keep your children occupied on a road trip. They include:

Printable Games

There are many websites that provide printable games – Bingo, License Plate Game, Tic-Tac-Toe, and more. Printing out a few of their favorites will keep the kids from being bored for hours. We suggest giving new markers to make it fun.

Stop Just For Fun

If there’s an interesting attraction, pull over and check it out. Have the kids run around so they’ll fall asleep in the automobile. Allowing them to burn off the built-up energy will serve everyone in the car!

20 Questions

Google  “Questions for Kids” and you’ll find all sorts of lists with interesting and funny questions. It gives the entire family to talk about.

Presents for Good Behavior

If the children can behave for a certain period amount of time, give them a small gift in a prize bag. Get toys from the Dollar Store or little candies. Keep it simple and cheap!   

Audio Books on CD

Your local library will have a whole section of Audio Books and CDs.

Glow Sticks at Night

Give the little ones glow necklaces, glow bracelets, or glow sticks when traveling at night. They’ll love the glow and it’s a little like a nightlight.

The team at Westside Transmission & Automotive truly have you covered! If you need any suggestions on how to keep your children occupied on road trips, don’t hesitate to ask. To schedule an appointment at Westside Transmission & Automotive, contact us. We are located at 2050 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025.