The Latest in Automotive Safety Technology

The future has arrived. The automotive industry is rapidly creating more and more futuristic methods to avoid crashes, automatically change lanes, and check blind spots. It’s challenging to keep track of all this new safety technology that is booming.

Here are some of the newer features:

Lane monitoring/lane departure warning

If you’re drifting into another lane with no turn signal, the lane monitoring system picks up on that and will alert you to a vibration or sound. There are systems can even intervene with braking. These features are more compatible with highways than suburban or country roads.

Automatic parking

Fitting into small parking spots with other vehicles speeding past you, while trying to prevent bumping fenders, can shake anyone up. With auto-park car drivers need to just pull up to the open spot and the car’s camera will use its radar to park itself. The driver still might have to use the brake pedal and reverse the vehicle. However, the difficult part of twisting to fit into the spot will be taken care of with automatic parking.

Adaptive cruise control

Today’s cruise control has become incredibly advanced. It’s not just about remaining at a steady speed today.To detect patterns of traffic, it uses radar and will slow down or speed up accordingly. The driver sets the parameters and can decide how much space they want between their car and the automobile in front of them.

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