Tips for Driving with Your Dog

For some pet owners, a vacation is boring if their furry family members are left behind. Keep in mind that traveling can be stressful for your pooch and there needs to be some preparation to make sure that your 4-legged friend is safe. Here are some tips to make sure that your canine's time on the road is comfortable.

1) Preparation

You can get your pet ready for the trip by taking him/her on a series of shorter drives and slowly lengthen the time in the automobile. If you will be taking particularly long trips and crossing state lines, be sure to have your dog's rabies records on hands. it's usually not a problem but some states require to see this documentation before crossing state lines.

2) Prep a pet-friendly travel kit

Some items to keep handy:

  • Food
  • Bowl
  • Waste scoop
  • Plastic bags
  • Pack a favorite toy so your animal will have a sense of familiarity
  • Grooming supplies
  • Medication and first-aid
  • Leash
  • Travel documents
  • Plenty of water

3) Carrier

Be certain that your dog's carrier or crate is well-ventilated and is large enough where they can turn around, lie down, sit, and stand. Be certain the crate is secure in the vehicle and won't move should the car come to a sudden stop. If you pass on a carrier, a harness can be attached to the seat buckle and protect your doggie.

4) Don’t leave your pet in car

It's so important not to leave your beloved animal alone in a parked car (even if the windows are open.) If the weather is hot, a parked automobile can reach dangerous temperatures and feel like an oven. If the weather is cold, a car can hold in the air and the car acts as a freezer which could be deadly for your dog.

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