Top Safety Tips For Holiday Driving

The holidays are approaching and many people take trips to celebrate the joy of the season. However, wintry conditions and heavy traffic can put a damper on the celebratory vibe. To avoid any unfortunate scenarios on the road, being mindful is key. On top of the standard rules that include not texting, speeding, and drinking on the road, there are some additional tips that will keep you and your loved ones safe when you hit the roads for the holidays:

  • Check Condition of Car - it’s important to make sure that your car is functioning properly before you take off. Belts and hoses, lights, oil, tires, brake fluid, antifreeze fluid, and the condition of the battery should all be inspected by professional auto mechanics before you hit the road.
  • Check Weather Conditions - Check the weather before you leave and have your route mapped out. Having a map is good to have as a backup in case your GPS doesn’t work in certain areas.
  • Don’t Speed - Stay at the speed limit and be prepared to be going slower on congested streets and highways. If there’s an aggressive driver, just let them pass and don’t try to compete. Besides, that’s not what the festive season is about!
  • Rest - Getting a good night's sleep before you’re off can help keep you and your passengers safe. Never underestimate the power of rest! Taking regular breaks while driving will also keep you more alert.
  • Emergency Kit - Having an emergency kit will give you some peace of mind should an emergency arise on the road. Have items like water, flashlights with extra batteries, blankets, boots, and high energy snacks. Also, fuel lines can freeze in colder climates so it’s best to keep the gas tank at least half-filled.
  • Relax -  Driving during the holiday season doesn’t have to cause anxiety. Frustration can lead to bad decision making on the roads. All it takes is some pre-planning and the right attitude to drive with that peaceful easy feeling!

The team at Westside Transmission & Automotive truly cares about the well-being of our clients. If you need more suggestions about what to do to keep you safe during holiday travels, don’t hesitate to ask. To schedule an appointment at Westside Transmission & Automotive, contact us. We are located at 2050 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025.