What Is a Coolant Flush?

A coolant flush can preserve your vehicle's health and regulate your engine's internal temperature. Flushing your cooling system from its impurities can decrease wear and tear over time. A coolant flush includes the process of getting rid of the old coolant from the radiator and replacing it with new fluid. Doing so will ensure that your engine's cooling system is properly cared for.


Is a Coolant Flush Necessary?

Our mechanics at Westside Transmission & Automotive Inc. will only recommend you a coolant flush if you need one. Furthermore, your car's performance and functionality may signal to you when it's time for a coolant flush. If anything goes wrong with your vehicle, you'll know about it right away. You may need a coolant flush if your car demonstrates the following warning signs:

  • Overheating - Overheating occurs when there's excess heat within the engine compartments. This is often a result of an inadequate amount of coolant or flow of coolant. 
  • Internal Vehicle Cues - As a responsible driver, you should keep an eye on the thermometer in your car. When your engine is about to overheat, your check engine light may come on. Getting your vehicle to our auto shop can help you alleviate the pressure and heat within your car.
  • Old Car - You may need a coolant flush simply because your car is aging. Over time, the cooling system can accumulate debris and form rust if left unattended.

Regular maintenance, cooling system inspections, and regular tune-ups can allow your technician to catch your vehicle problems early on. If you believe you are due for a coolant flush, please bring your car to our auto repair shop in Los Angeles, CA.