Why is My Car Bouncing When I Drive?

A bouncing car is never a good thing. When you drive, it is supposed to feel like a smooth ride. When you experience a bumpy car ride even when you are not driving over potholes or on a damaged road, there can be a few things wrong with your vehicle. Here are some of the most common problems that cause your car to bounce:

Bad Tires

The first thing you should inspect if you are experiencing a bumpy ride is your car’s tires. Do they look flat or deformed? When was the last time you checked your tire pressure or refilled them with air? Bad tires are the most common problem for a bouncy car and luckily not extremely expensive to repair or replace.

Transmission Problems

Plenty of drivers tense up at the idea that their car may have a transmission problem. This is because replacing a vehicle’s transmission can be costly regarding both parts and labor. If you are experiencing a bumpy ride while driving, your car’s transmission may be to blame. It is best to have your vehicle looked at by a professional at the first sign of an issue to better avoid having to replace this essential vehicle component.

Suspension Problems

Your car’s suspension is there to ensure that your car rides smoothly and under control. If something is wrong with your car’s suspension, you will certainly feel it. Some of the common signs that your suspension needs to be fixed are:

  • Car bouncing before stopping
  • Harsher than usual impact when encountering potholes or bumps
  • Vehicle leaning more to one side than the other

Find a qualified mechanic in Los Angeles, CA if you are experiencing problems with your car’s suspension.

Brake Problems

Bad brakes can be another cause of a bumpy car ride. If your car gives off squealing or other strange noises when you use your brakes, it is time to bring your car into a certified auto mechanic to have your brake system inspected and fixed. Putting this vital repair off can result in a serious accident, so do not wait around when your brakes are malfunctioning.

We are Here When You Need Us

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