Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

Vibrations felt through a vehicle's brake pedal or steering wheel when you're braking are known as brake shudders. Brake shudders can be mild to violent. Identifying the vibration source can help you know if the problem is with the front or rear brakes.

If you feel the vibrations through the steering wheel, the issue could be with the front brakes. Stronger vibrations on the brake pedal indicate a problem with the rear braking components.

Below are some reasons why your car may experience brake shudders.

Alignment Issues

Brake shudders occurring when you're braking at over 50 miles per hour may be due to alignment problems. You can perform a road test with your vehicle when there are no others on the road to prove this theory. To do this, maintain a speed of 50 to 55 miles. When the coast is clear, carefully let go of the steering wheel without keeping your hands too far in case of an emergency.

If the alignment is in good shape, your car should maintain a straight line. However, if it veers to the right or left, your vehicle may need an alignment on two or all wheels.

Tire Imbalance

Tire problems may also be to blame for brake shudders. If they're unbalanced in some areas or underinflated, they may strain your car's suspension system. They may also cause vibrations in the steering wheel, making it difficult to control. Your technician may recommend rotating the wheels after every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Dry Guide Pins

If your car vibrates as you brake to make a complete stop, dry guide pins may be the cause. They're a part of the brake calipers, and they help guide the pad to the rotor. For them to operate efficiently, they should remain clean and well-lubricated. If they wear out or dry up, they make the brake pad to press on the rotor at an improper angle. This may also cause the calipers to stick, affecting your car's braking efficiency, which can be dangerous.

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